Open your computer to a new world of organized settings with our network of experts acting as an intelligent manager of your desktop.

Organize Your Mac with Desktility

Get your Mac all neat by having all the files grouped in the right folders, making for a desktop that is free of sloppy contents.

Top Features

Our services come with a wide range of applications to brush off the scruffy elements from your PC and provide better solutions to the system.

Keep Your Desktop Neat And Tidy

We clear all the trash off your screen and spruce it up for a better order of things. Continue with your job once all the clutter is removed.

Simple And Elegant Solution

Your computer is infused with more life using the latest technology that provides the system with harmony in the flow of things.

Save And Restore Your App's Window Positions

All the former positions and spots of the data and folders on your computer is saved and pumped right back after the cleaning process.

Full Functionality Of Desktop Resetter

Our medium stores every position and minute detail of your desktop to push it back to your comfortable format even after things go haywire.

How We Started

Setting up an order for the activities on a computer was the objective of our small group of techies, which has now grown into a bigger and more efficient team.

Our Mission

Clearing the digital space off all the mess to make it spick and span for the users has been the goal, and we make the world of technology a lot more organized. 

Company Vision

Growing into a network of proactive individuals that support the developing space of innovations to thrive without hassles remains our biggest goal.


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Online Entrepreneurs It’s a Tough Game

There seems to be so many small business and entrepreneurs out there trying to build online businesses nowadays.

That trend seems to have massively increased during the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s easy to see why when there are so many thousands of redundancies across the globe. People already knew a job for life was a thing of the past, but Covid has taken that notion to a whole new level.

The Day Job

You simply cannot reply on the day job any longer.

People want to take control of their own destiny and many see building an Online Business as a way of doing that.

But, the online business, Internet Marketing suffers from an extremely bad rap.

Internet Marketing “Gurus”

The so called “Internet Marketing Gurus” have a reputation something akin to snake oil salesmen. And you can see why. They have, over the years, left a trail of devastation behind them. Selling part solutions and “shiney object” “quick fix” solutions that either don’t give you everything you need to succeed or work for a very short time before being slapped by Google or Facebook.

Left behind are many disillusioned wannabe online entrepreneurs who are out of pocket and out of luck. And there are a small band online gurus earning small fortunes and delivering very little.

Thankfully, nowadays there are some who are providing true value online. This is obviously good for those who want to start an Internet Marketing business from their own home. The reason? Well, there’s nothing worse than getting all excited about a new venture to start implementing and realizing you simply don’t have all the necessary information!

Online Frustrations

That is seriously frustrating and the Guru who sold you the initial product will then want to charge you a whole lot more to reveal the next piece of the puzzle and so it goes on. A never ending spiral of increasing cost. It could end up being many thousands of dollars before you get to the true meat of the technique.

I’m not sure why this works, psychology they tell me, human psychology. Apparently we like being sold to and also like to re-enforce our own buying decisions.

However, as I said there are some online teachers providing true value these days. I talked to Derek Armson of DA Online Marketing and asked for his view.

“Absolutely everything you’ve said is totally valid”, he smiles over his Costa Coffee.

A Bad Start In Online Marketing

“When I first started back in 2006 I paid a complete Charlatan $1,799 to give me some ludicrous PLR crap, and I’m being honest here, it was awful, he then gave me some totally duff information on how to place Adwords (as it was at the time). He then promptly disappeared, I spent over $1,500 on ads for three $79 sales, one of which refunded!”

“To be fair, I would have refunded it as well”!

“And, it took me many years to learn the online marketing game. Many thousands in buying those shiney objects before I actually realized that you have to apply similar disciplines to online business and you do to any other!”

Learn Properly

“Once I got in deep and dirty and learned one aspect of online marketing…guess what? Yep, I made a success of it!”

“So, the message is pick one aspect of online marketing, dive deeply into it and learn it in detail. Then apply what you have learned!”

Derek did this and explains it in a detailed post on his blog which you can find here.

More on great digital marketing in our last post.

Online Marketing In The Pandemic

We’ve heard it said so many times, how life has changed beyond all recognition during these strange times in which we live.

Someone pointed me in the direction of an article back from 1919 when H1N1 (otherwise known as Spanish ‘Flu) was in full flow. Everyone was wearing masks and keeping their distance, so it’s not as if we haven’t been here before.

However, the world is a very different place to that we lived in 100 years ago. I was surprised at how similar things were, but of course the advent of the online world means we are now able to react in a totally new way.

It’s a Brave New World

It’s certainly true the pandemic winners are the major online marketers of the world. I believe Amazon has seen a massive increase in sales.

In the U.K Lidl and Aldi who were dead set against doing online sales are now implementing an online shopping function. So, it is changing the way business works.

Recruitment Indicators

And, in talking to recruiters of online marketing staff, also here in the U.K, I am told the online marketing jobs market is vibrant as companies either seek to enhance or employ online strategies.

It’s fair to say the technology employed in digital marketing is always changing and getting better. This obviously creates new skills requirements and increased efficiencies in the online marketing world.

However, given the crossover to buying online, the change is now moving apace. With further restrictions (at least) and possibly lockdowns to come this pace of change is only going to increase.

Changes In Fifteen Years

Indeed, in talking to those same recruiters, they tell me that the job descriptions inherent in wonder online marketing have changed beyond all recognition over just fifteen years. If you think back that time frame Amazon was still in its infancy. Probably only selling books and maybe CDs at that time.

New Roles

We have seen new job descriptions such as Growth Hacker appear (very recently), eMail Marketer, eCommerce vacancies have simply exploded as have product management roles.

Back those 15 years, most job titles encompassed the term “Online Marketing”. The roles very very generalist rather than the deep experts we now see digital marketing departments and organizations hiring.

Here’s Doug Bates at Intelligent People talking about this issue.

So, today we see a much wider variety of job roles within Online and Digital Marketing. This is partly driven by the newer technologies, but also by the need to achieve economies of scale and beat the competition.


We hear the term pivot all the time in these strange Covid times. But Online marketing departments and online marketing companies have been pivoting constantly since digital marketing first started to happen.

Therefore, they are at a distinct advantage in times of rapid change because they are used to it.

They have to roll with the technological advances which move at breakneck pace. Call it what you will, but pivot is a good and descriptive word. It’s what digital marketers do all the time. So, it’s no wonder the digital companies are sweeping all before them in these times. When the demise of the high street is being accelerated because people don’t want to go there any more. They are happy to shop online and so the big online companies establish and maximize their already strong positions.

What do you think has changed as Covid has taken hold and swept the world. Add a comment and let me know what you think?

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15 Secretly Hidden Features of Mac You Probably Won’t Know


Mac is one of the widely used operating systems in the world. They’re known for their quality products and services that always make the customers go gaga over their products. Apart from the pronounced amazing feature they offer, there are some hidden features that you might not be aware of. Read the article t know about the 15 most amazing hidden features of Mac that you probably didn’t know.

Merging folders

Mac provides the feature of merging the contents of two different folders with identical names, just by dragging them onto another one. Once you do that, you get a pop-up of merging or replace all content. After selecting merge, it creates a spate destination folder of the contents from both these files.

Merging folders

Volume and brightness control

Many added shortcuts are available for volume and brightness control.

Signature in preview

All Mac users know that Mac allows you to add a signature to your documents or anywhere for that matter. But, did you know that you can preview your signature? All you go to do is open the doc in preview mode and open the animations. Select the ‘Create Signature from Built-in sight’ option to view in preview mode.

Dictionary Access

Quick access to the dictionary helps people in reading or writing a document better. A double click on a particular word using three fingers gives the meaning of the word.

Restoring scroll bars

Mac gadgets, especially in Lion versions, the scroll bars are turned off by default and only ops up when you start scrolling. It can be consuming at times. But you can change this by CHOOSING ‘Always’ in the Show Scroll Bars option in settings.

Built-in emoji

Mac offers built-in emojis that re both fun and easy to use and access. Hence, you got to try this feature out!

Speech to text conversion

One of the cool features of Mac is dictation typing, which works amazingly well. By pressing on (fn) key twice, you can directly convert all your speech to text. The latest version, also allows you to type as and when you speak, simultaneously.


Create a new desktop

It is a cool and new feature in Mac gadgets, where just by pressing the A+ tab, you can create a new desktop.

Preview files

Hold the space bar and select a file that you wish to preview, whether it is an image or a video file and you can preview the files by pressing the down arrow button.

Delete apps in launch pad

It is the best and easy way to clean up all the old applications. You can do this by using the launch pad interface and the iOS-style wiggle mode.

Turn off notification

What seems evident for android users, are an extension for Mac user and turning off notifications is one among them. Thus can be done even by putting them in Do Not Disturb Toggle.

Close running apps

To avoid the consumption of lots of space and power, you can close all the running applications in the background.


Hot Corners

Hot corners trigger specific actions and events just by touching the corners of your phone.

Open duplicate file

Many versions of Mac, lack the save as option, hence duplication of files is an added advantage to do so.

Auto completing words

If you have a problem with spellings, then press F5 or Option + escape to select from the list of spellings and predictions.

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