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Online Marketing In The Pandemic

We’ve heard it said so many times, how life has changed beyond all recognition during these strange times in which we live.

Someone pointed me in the direction of an article back from 1919 when H1N1 (otherwise known as Spanish ‘Flu) was in full flow. Everyone was wearing masks and keeping their distance, so it’s not as if we haven’t been here before.

However, the world is a very different place to that we lived in 100 years ago. I was surprised at how similar things were, but of course the advent of the online world means we are now able to react in a totally new way.

It’s a Brave New World

It’s certainly true the pandemic winners are the major online marketers of the world. I believe Amazon has seen a massive increase in sales.

In the U.K Lidl and Aldi who were dead set against doing online sales are now implementing an online shopping function. So, it is changing the way business works.

Recruitment Indicators

And, in talking to recruiters of online marketing staff, also here in the U.K, I am told the online marketing jobs market is vibrant as companies either seek to enhance or employ online strategies.

It’s fair to say the technology employed in digital marketing is always changing and getting better. This obviously creates new skills requirements and increased efficiencies in the online marketing world.

However, given the crossover to buying online, the change is now moving apace. With further restrictions (at least) and possibly lockdowns to come this pace of change is only going to increase.

Changes In Fifteen Years

Indeed, in talking to those same recruiters, they tell me that the job descriptions inherent in wonder online marketing have changed beyond all recognition over just fifteen years. If you think back that time frame Amazon was still in its infancy. Probably only selling books and maybe CDs at that time.

New Roles

We have seen new job descriptions such as Growth Hacker appear (very recently), eMail Marketer, eCommerce vacancies have simply exploded as have product management roles.

Back those 15 years, most job titles encompassed the term “Online Marketing”. The roles very very generalist rather than the deep experts we now see digital marketing departments and organizations hiring.

Here’s Doug Bates at Intelligent People talking about this issue.

So, today we see a much wider variety of job roles within Online and Digital Marketing. This is partly driven by the newer technologies, but also by the need to achieve economies of scale and beat the competition.


We hear the term pivot all the time in these strange Covid times. But Online marketing departments and online marketing companies have been pivoting constantly since digital marketing first started to happen.

Therefore, they are at a distinct advantage in times of rapid change because they are used to it.

They have to roll with the technological advances which move at breakneck pace. Call it what you will, but pivot is a good and descriptive word. It’s what digital marketers do all the time. So, it’s no wonder the digital companies are sweeping all before them in these times. When the demise of the high street is being accelerated because people don’t want to go there any more. They are happy to shop online and so the big online companies establish and maximize their already strong positions.

What do you think has changed as Covid has taken hold and swept the world. Add a comment and let me know what you think?

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