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Online Entrepreneurs It’s a Tough Game

There seems to be so many small business and entrepreneurs out there trying to build online businesses nowadays.

That trend seems to have massively increased during the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s easy to see why when there are so many thousands of redundancies across the globe. People already knew a job for life was a thing of the past, but Covid has taken that notion to a whole new level.

The Day Job

You simply cannot reply on the day job any longer.

People want to take control of their own destiny and many see building an Online Business as a way of doing that.

But, the online business, Internet Marketing suffers from an extremely bad rap.

Internet Marketing “Gurus”

The so called “Internet Marketing Gurus” have a reputation something akin to snake oil salesmen. And you can see why. They have, over the years, left a trail of devastation behind them. Selling part solutions and “shiney object” “quick fix” solutions that either don’t give you everything you need to succeed or work for a very short time before being slapped by Google or Facebook.

Left behind are many disillusioned wannabe online entrepreneurs who are out of pocket and out of luck. And there are a small band online gurus earning small fortunes and delivering very little.

Thankfully, nowadays there are some who are providing true value online. This is obviously good for those who want to start an Internet Marketing business from their own home. The reason? Well, there’s nothing worse than getting all excited about a new venture to start implementing and realizing you simply don’t have all the necessary information!

Online Frustrations

That is seriously frustrating and the Guru who sold you the initial product will then want to charge you a whole lot more to reveal the next piece of the puzzle and so it goes on. A never ending spiral of increasing cost. It could end up being many thousands of dollars before you get to the true meat of the technique.

I’m not sure why this works, psychology they tell me, human psychology. Apparently we like being sold to and also like to re-enforce our own buying decisions.

However, as I said there are some online teachers providing true value these days. I talked to Derek Armson of DA Online Marketing and asked for his view.

“Absolutely everything you’ve said is totally valid”, he smiles over his Costa Coffee.

A Bad Start In Online Marketing

“When I first started back in 2006 I paid a complete Charlatan $1,799 to give me some ludicrous PLR crap, and I’m being honest here, it was awful, he then gave me some totally duff information on how to place Adwords (as it was at the time). He then promptly disappeared, I spent over $1,500 on ads for three $79 sales, one of which refunded!”

“To be fair, I would have refunded it as well”!

“And, it took me many years to learn the online marketing game. Many thousands in buying those shiney objects before I actually realized that you have to apply similar disciplines to online business and you do to any other!”

Learn Properly

“Once I got in deep and dirty and learned one aspect of online marketing…guess what? Yep, I made a success of it!”

“So, the message is pick one aspect of online marketing, dive deeply into it and learn it in detail. Then apply what you have learned!”

Derek did this and explains it in a detailed post on his blog which you can find here.

More on great digital marketing in our last post.

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